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Vote NO on Measure 3
Recreational Marijuana

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Catholic Teaching

God has equipped each person with free will and the ability to reason, which assists in daily decision-making. With the temptation to allow passion and immediate physical pleasure to dictate’s one’s actions, temperance is critical. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), temperance helps “[moderate] the attraction of pleasures,” keeping desires within safe and healthy boundaries. It also helps individuals avoid excess or abuse of all kinds that can lead to dependency and self-destruction (CCC 1809, 2290).

In addition, Catholics have a responsibility to vote in a manner that protects children, families, and the common good. Our votes must take into consideration whether a measure is clearly drafted, its possible consequences, and the good of the community.
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Measure 3 Lacks Limits

  • Everything that addresses marijuana under current law – in any way – would be repealed. The only things specifically noted in the measure that would be illegal are the sale of marijuana to anyone under 21; the distribution of marijuana to anyone under 21, and for anyone under the age of 21 to possess marijuana.
  • No limits on the amount that could be possessed.
  • No limits on the amount that could be grown.
  • No limits on the amount that could be sold.
  • No limits on where marijuana could be possessed, grown, or sold.
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Measure 3 and Public Use

  • Driving while impaired would no longer be illegal.
  • Current neglect and endangerment laws – those prohibiting smoking marijuana in the presence of a child – would be repealed.
  • Laws and ordinances prohibiting smoking marijuana in a public place would be repealed – therefore marijuana could be smoked anywhere.
  • In Colorado, crime has increased 11 times the national average since legalized recreational marijuana sales have begun. Part of that statistic shows violent crime has increased 19%.
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Measure 3 and Health Risks

  • Medical emergency room visits for marijuana-related issues will likely sky-rocket as they have in the other states currently selling recreational marijuana.
  • According to studies, 1 in 10 people who try marijuana becomes addicted to it, developing a dependence that produces withdrawal and cravings. If marijuana use starts in adolescence, the chances of addiction are 1 in 6.
  • Health risks: according to a 2009 study, marijuana use directly affects the brain; specifically the parts responsible for memory, learning, attention and reaction time.
  • Long-term mental effects: several studies have found that marijuana use has been shown significantly linking with mental illness, especially schizophrenia and psychosis, and also depression and anxiety.
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Measure 3 and Children

  • Recreational marijuana would most likely reach North Dakota children quickly.
  • In Colorado, studies show first-time use has skyrocketed 65% since legalization.
  • Marijuana use by kids 12 and older in Colorado state is 85% higher than the national average.
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Pass Now, Fix Later?

Supporters of recreational marijuana say North Dakotans should remove all laws now and trust the legislature to clean up the mess later.

Find out why that is not a good idea.

Sources for these facts can be found at:
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To find out more about Measure 3 and how you can help prevent North Dakota from having the most liberal marijuana law in the nation, go to the
NO on 3 website.
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