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Questions for Federal Candidates
Your Faith and Your Vote - Federal Races

The right to vote carries with it a responsibility to study and know the candidates. As citizens of faith, we are led to question, according to our foundational beliefs, how each candidate, if elected, will address our nation’s issues. There are moral and ethical dimensions to every public policy. However, issues carry different moral weight and urgency. Some involve matters of intrinsic evil that can never be supported, such as the direct and intentional destruction of innocent human life. Others involve an obligation to seek the common good.

The following questions are offered to assist in discerning where the federal candidates (Congress) stand on issues concerning the protection of human life and the promotion of a just society.
Print them out for your convenience.
Where Do the Federal Candidates Stand?
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Human Life

  • Protecting unborn human life and ending abortion nationwide?
  • Repealing the federal government’s use of the
  • death penalty?
  • Prohibiting the use of federal funds to pay for abortions?
  • Protecting the right of the states to create sanctuaries for life by legally protecting unborn human life?
  • Promoting and funding policies and programs that help pregnant women, mothers, and newborns?
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Religious Freedom

  • Protecting the exercise of religion?
  • Protecting the right of religious organizations to serve the public in accordance with their beliefs?
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Family and Education

  • Enabling parents, financially and in other ways, to choose the best educational setting for their children?
  • Opposing policies that mandate acceptance of false gender ideologies?
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  • Achieving comprehensive reforms that offer a path to citizenship for the undocumented who live in the U.S. and do not have a criminal record, expand family reunification, secure our borders, and establish humane enforcement?
  • Providing safe havens for properly-vetted refugees, regardless of race, nationality, or religious affiliation?
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The Poor and Vulnerable

  • Ensuring access to health care while respecting human life, human dignity, and the religious and conscience rights of health care providers?
  • Providing services to those in need, especially families facing financial hardship and persons with disabilities, mental illness, and addictions?
  • Maintaining and increasing funding for poverty-focused development assistance to poor countries?
  • Acknowledging the harm done to Native Americans by the federal government’s assimilation policies?
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Economy and Environment

  • Ensuring a just wage, economic initiative, and pro-family work policies?
  • Promoting family farms, rural communities, and a food system that respects the dignity of labor and workers?
  • Respecting the right of local communities to manage their own affairs for the common good?
  • Fostering stewardship of our natural resources?
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